About Ed

Ed has been “Building on a Lot” of experience since becoming a Realtor® in 1970 – representing builders, sellers, and buyers. Ed is always happy to answer your questions about real estate. If you need an industry pro to get the deal done now with expert precision – Ed is your man. Or, if you are just getting the inkling of an idea that you should own your own home, Ed can guide you through the process, providing you with understandable advice to plan for your future.

For Buyers:
One phone call to a knowledgeable and patient professional agent can take a wistful dream to a workable plan, and a plan to a realization of your new home. As a prospective buyer, you should feel free to contact an agent without pressure to buy immediately. Established agents, like Ed Tobey, have developed relationships with builders and financial representatives that can help you evaluate your needs and your financial position, so that you take the lead in growing an equitable estate. For most people, this is a process, where you build a relationship with the people who give you answers. When you are ready Ed would like to be your buyer representative, to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the deal that you are expecting: from inspection to infrastructure assurance to quality of your home. If necessary, a careful eye can suggest infrastructure improvements, which could be cost prohibitive to the buyer outside of the mortgage agreement. Your Realtor can often ensure that the home that you’re moving into has many of the major maintenance chores either accomplished, or accounted for in the final deal. When it comes to your legacy, enlisting the help of a seasoned pro just makes sense. If you are among the many first-timers who doesn’t even know where to begin, just call Ed. He will tell you what you need to gather up and pay attention to in order to get going.

For Sellers:
A careful market analysis by an experienced professional is vital when putting your home on the market. Proper pricing, compelling description, and comprehensive marketing will give you a clear advantage over competing sellers. Competitive listings, comparable sales, and market trends need to be analyzed before listing your home. Ed’s experience in home valuation makes the difference between for sale and sold! Ed can advise you about improving the condition of your home before putting it for sale.

Ed has given presentations for company gatherings such as General Motors, Parkview Hospital and Consumer Credit Counseling. He chaired the equal housing opportunity committee at his local REALTOR® association. Ed’s experience includes REO property brokerage and property valuation. Ed has served as a state officer for Women’s Council of REALTORS®, and is a Past President of the Fort Wayne Area Chapter.  Ed is Past President of the New Glenwood Neighborhood Association and served many years on it’s board of directors.